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U-MARQ USA Corp. is a privately held US company registered in New York. Its directors and staff have many years experience in manufacturing and supplying unique, innovative, high quality engraving machines and accessories to the retail, wholesale and industrial engraving markets. Most of the products sold by U-MARQ USA are manufactured by U-MARQ Ltd., a well established, UK manufacture of engraving machines, which are sold in over 46 countries worldwide.

U-MARQ Ltd., in the UK spends 10% of its gross income on research and development, allowing U-MARQ Ltd., to develop world class, leading edge products. When you buy a U-MARQ product, you can be sure it will have the best and most up to date technology available at the time.

U-MARQ Ltd., for the last 6 years have sold its products in the USA through a distributor. It was decided in mid 2011, although this arrangement worked well in the beginning, it had run its course and was time for a change. To this end U-MARQ Ltd., decided to have a larger say in the distribution of its products, so U-MARQ USA Corp., was born, with U-MARQ Ltd., being the major shareholder. With the worldwide expertise of U-MARQ Ltd, its in house research and development division, high quality manufacturing facilities in the UK, it makes the products sold by U-MARQ USA second to none and a great choice for anyone who engraves.

We have hand picked a number of specialist local Dealers to service the USA, Canada and Mexico. They will assist U-MARQ USA in the sales and support of the products and there application.

Our promise to our customers is to provide the highest quality, most innovative product at the lowest possible price that are available in the World today with world class support and first class service.

U-MARQ USA Co., offices, showroom and service center, are located at:

137 Danbury Road  #147,
New Milford,
CT 06776.
Tel: 860 799 7800
Fax: 860 799 7806

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