GEM-FX Version 8 Software

GEM-FX Version 8 Software
Product Code: DSW-00002

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GEM-FX Software Reference Manual 02/12/2018 3.62MB download

This is a free download of the latest version of GEM-FX Engraving Software.

This package can be download to upgrade to the latest software build (you will require a registered Dongle). You can  also use it in demo mode (without Dongle) to evaluate and see if it meets your requirements. This package will only run on Windows 7 Window 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 32/64bit.  As of 1st January 2018 we will no longer be providing continuing support of Windows XP and Windows Vista 32/64 bit. 

If you have a U-MARQ Engraving Machine that uses a Serial Port or USB to Serial Converter Downolad GEM-FX Engraving 8 Build 1538 Only.
If you have a U-MARQ Engraving Machine that has a USB Port Downolad GEM-FX Engraving 8 Build 1545 Only. (This Build will not work with a USB to Serial Converter).

These files are in ZIP format and must be EXTRACTED correctly to function properly. Please read the PDF instructions contained in the ZIP file before installing.
Note: Some of the functions that are available to evaluate in this download. Are only available in the licensed version, by purchasing extra function packs. Please see Data Sheet of minimum Computer specifications required to run this software.

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