GEM 8 Scanning and Logo Generation Software

GEM 8 Scanning and Logo Generation Software
Product Code: SW-00103
Price: $475.00

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You will receive a Dongle registration key by email to activate this function, there is no use manual. You will have to provide your original Dongle Serial No., before we can issue you with your new key.

Scanning and Logo Generation 8 is an add on to your basic software package. This allows you to scan and import logos etc. and prepare them for engraving. You can add this package on to the basic software supplied with any of these U-MARQ engraving machines GEM-RX, GEM-RX4, GEM-RX5, GEM-FX GEM-FX4, GEM-TX5, GEM-ZX5 and GEM-FX5.

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